NYC /5 boroughs

Tickets issued in NYC are different. There is no “plea bargaining”. You do not have an opportunity to speak with the officer of district attorney. ALL TICKETS GO TO TRIAL. Having an experienced attorney on your side greatly improves your chances for a positive outcome. DO NOT RISK GOING ALONE! In fact, in the vast majority of circumstances, you never have to come to court. We will do all the fighting for you. Put our years of experience to work for you!

Trucking Companies

All moving violations given to companies MUST be represented by an attorney. Tickets given to trucking companies have the potential for extremely high fines. Retaining a skilled attorney, with knowledge of the particular court, maximizes your chances of dismissals and/or fine reductions. Let us show you how cost effective our services can be.

Upstate Courts

Did you take a trip upstate? Drive a family member to college? Did you receive a traffic ticket many hours away from home? Do not worry. We can help! We will represent you and you can stay home. No need to take off from work or school. We make the trip and will fight for you!